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Engagement and Events

ISWG hosts workshops and events with national and international participants, resulting in publications addressing the science and policy of invasions. ISWG work has connected graduate students and the broader Virginia Tech community with leading professionals in invasion management, advocacy, and media opportunities.


2018 – Biological Invasions: Confronting a Crisis, Blacksburg VA

2019 – Devising Seminar on the Science and Policy of Biological Invasions, Richmond VA

2023 – Virginia Tech Summit on Invasive Species, Blacksburg VA


2017 – The Science and Policy of Invasions (GRAD 6984)

2019 – Advocacy, Science, and Policy of Invasive Species (GRAD 6984)

2021 – The Science, Policy, and Management of Invasive Species (GRAD 5984)

2022– Biological Invasions Science, Policy, and Management (GRAD 5984)